About Me

Hi 👋 Welcome to my blog! I’m so chuffed to see you here 😊

I’m Sumaiya and I’m…

… an ambitious Mum of 3

… a WordPress (WP) enthusiast

… and a passionate People professional on a mission to empower and inspire women in tech.

A born and bred London girl, I now live in the North of England with my husband and three gorgeous boys aged 11, 8 and 2. Want to know more? Read on..

My Professional Life

I work in the People team at Human Made alongside our People Director on various projects from diversity and inclusion initiatives to employer branding.  We’re an Enterprise level WP agency and are a fully globally distributed team of over 70 – all remotely based.

I taught myself how to build WordPress websites while on a 5 year career break with my two eldest who are now 11 and 8.  I then went on to train with the co-founder of WordPress.

Sadly I didn’t have the confidence in my new tech skills to utilise my knowledge and build a career in WordPress and ended up in a lower grade and lower paid job in 2015. It was a rare flexible working opportunity that I could fit around my role as a mum as well as other family responsibilities, so a drop in pay and grade felt like a small sacrifice to give for my young family.

In 2018 I had my third son and in September 2019 I was due to go back to work after taking a period of extended unpaid leave. However, I wasn’t ready to go back to an unfulfilling role, I was still really passionate about tech and wanted to contribute to encouraging more women in tech.

So I started looking at opportunities within the tech sector and that’s when I came across the role in the People team at Human Made.  The role matched my skills and experience and I applied, got shortlisted and got the role from a pool of over 700 candidates which gave me a huge boost of confidence 💪🏼

I genuinely love my job and the company I work for ❤️. It’s always been a bit of a dream to work for an organisation that truly values its people, respects their life choices, and encourages professional development. When I came across Human Made, I was blown away by the culture and values of the organisation, and to see it instilled in my day-to-day work is really exciting and extremely rewarding to be part of. The culture we have at Human Made definitely gives us a competitive advantage and its a culture I’d love to see replicated across companies.

I have a genuine passion for People and my role and the contribution I can make to building a people-focused work culture really excites me. Up until now, I’ve not come across an organisation that would support me to balance my career goals as well as family life, but now is the time to make this a reality – and what a perfect place to do it! It’s funny how things fall into place in their own time and in their own way.

I feel that through my role as a People Professional I have an amazing opportunity to make a difference in addressing the gender imbalance in tech.   There’s a lot of talk these days about getting more women into tech roles and I feel that the People department in tech companies are vital in contributing towards levelling the playing field for women in not just tech roles but also senior leadership roles.  I believe that CPD (continuous professional development) is integral to success and as such am currently studying for a CIPD Diploma in Human Resource Management.  I hope that in my capacity as a People professional I can help effect change and support more women into tech roles.

Im Passionate About…

…inspiring confidence in women through learning a new tech skill 👩🏽‍💻.  From my own experience I’m well aware of the biases and stumbling blocks women face in the tech world and while I know there’s a long way to go I’d love to contribute something to changing that.  

While I have no regrets taking a career break and enjoyed spending time with my little ones, I found that period of my life quite isolating and developing my skills in WP really helped me to keep my confidence from completely shattering.  I feel that maternity leave and career breaks can be a challenging time for mums and learning a new skill can really help to keep yourself mentally healthy.

I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in WP and tech in generally, but it has taken me a long time to have the belief and confidence in my abilities to utilise my new skill set. I put this lack of confidence down to the lack of female role models in tech (although this is slowly changing) as well as a lack of support system around me – learning in isolation is a lot more difficult than learning with a peer support network around you. If you’re on a learning journey in tech feel free to reach out and connect – I’d be happy to chat and cheer you on 🎈

In my Spare Time…

…I write on this blog! I find writing helps me to draw out my thoughts, think deeper about ideas and projects I’ve been working on as well as share my knowledge and skills along the way.

I love spending time with my boys – I absolutely adore them and I’m not ashamed to say that my children define who I am today. I’m a kick-ass Mum and I’m bloody proud of it! 🦸🏻‍♀️ I love chilling out with them – my favourite time of the week is watching a kiddo movie with my boys while munching on a slice of pizza and big bag of popcorn on a Friday night. I’m also a huge food lover and really enjoy cooking. As a family we love taking short breaks across the UK and spending time together whenever we get the opportunity.

…And that’s me!

Much love ❤️

“Kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome.”

Amelia Barr

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