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Your Digital Shop Window

The world wide web has been around for almost three decades yet the Office for National Statistics suggests that only 45% of all UK businesses have a website. Furthermore research suggests that nearly 2 million small businesses in the UK do not have a website. In this digital era, that’s a shocking statistic when you consider that 88% of consumers will conduct a pre-purchase search online prior to making product purchasing decisions. Furthermore the introduction of a business website could equate to an average uplift in turnover of £173,769 per business., therefore the need to create an online presence is becoming even more important. Here are 5 good reasons to get your business online:

Your website is your digital shop window. Not only is your website an important method of attracting your target audience but it also helps build your brand and credibility. Through sharing your company mission and values and showcasing your product or services it gives your company a professional image helping to establish trust. . Ask yourself, would you trust a company without a website? In fact, 75% of people base credibility by a website, that’s enough reason to get working on your website build.

You control your narrative. A website alongside social media is a really effective way for you to create your brand and your own story, It can help get your mission, personality and message across to your target audience through sharing content via your blog and then sharing and promoting via your social media channels.

Your competitors have a website. Enough said.

A website increases your reach. Having a 24/7 presence means you’re never closed for business making you only a touch of a button away for your target audience to connect with you. This is really important for businesses selling tangible products as it enables you to keep sales coming in even while you sleep. Additionally, a website enables you to connect with target audience all over the world vastly expanding your reach.

A cost effective marketing technique. The world wide web has a far wider reach than any other advertising technique and is therefore much more cost effective. With the added benefit of being able to instantly measure the impact of your audience reach you really can’t go wrong.

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