Why a Career Change in Tech is a Good Idea.

With the huge gender gap in tech with women currently accounting for only 17% of workers in the UK’s tech sector, there’s a pressing need for women to join the tech industry.

The Inclusive Tech Alliance recently calculated that close to 1 million women must be hired for the UK’s tech industry to reach gender parity.

The tech industry needs us and with the tech industry being one of the fastest growing, exciting and cutting edge industry’s there’s no reason why we cant make a career change and start bridging the gap.

So here’s a list of 5 reasons why as a woman a career in tech makes perfect sense: 

1. The barriers to entry are relatively low. With so many free resources online from which to start your tech journey there really isn’t much stopping you.  From free online courses, blogs, webinars and community forums there’s a multitude of ways to start your learning journey.  What’s even better is that to start a career in tech no previous experience is required and you don’t necessarily need a technical degree or background. If you have a thirst for knowledge, are eager to learn and passionate enough to build a career in tech than there really is nothing stopping you. 

2. You never stop learning.  The learning opportunities in tech are endless. With the fast pace growth in technology around us, you can never know everything, there will always be something new to learn.

3. Training and support for Women in Tech.  With the gender imbalance in the tech industry clearly visible, the past few years have seen a rise in a number of organisations creating opportunities for women to learn and develop a career in tech.  Organisations such as TechMums run free training specifically for mums interested in learning new tech skills while organisations such a 23 Code Street run training for women in coding where for every paying student on the UK they teach digital skills to a woman in the slums of India.  If you’re a returner interested in a career in tech Tech Returners offer a fantastic free 15 week course to get you on the path to success as a software developer.  

4. Chance to start afresh.  Retraining for a career in tech gives you the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start.  By embarking on your new journey it’s the ideal time for you to cleanse your mind and start a new chapter helping you to get your mojo back and give you the confidence boost you need

5. You can make a visible difference.  I strongly feel that one of the main reasons for the lack of women in tech is due to the lack of role models.  From a mums perspective, I don’t know any other mums in tech. I’ve read about some young women in tech (although few and far between) but have only read about  maybe one or two mums who managed a successful career change in tech while juggling school runs, kids and mum duties. By starting a career in tech you could be the role model that another woman seeks and could be the reason someone achieves a successful career in tech transforming not only lives but mindsets. 

And there you have it – my 5 main reasons why you should change careers into tech.  Have you got anything to add to that? Any experiences to share?  Feel free to leave a comment below I’d love to hear from any women in tech and especially mums.

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