6 Reasons Why WordPress Rocks

As you skim over my blog, you might be wondering why I’ve chose to learn WordPress and why I’m such a huge fan and advocate for the platform. Well it seems I’m not the only one as many top brands and organisations use WordPress to power their websites including Facebook, PlayStation and Disney.

Having started as a blogging platform in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little it has quickly become the platform of choice for over 34% of websites on the internet, occupying over 60% of the Content Management System (CMS) market share, making it the most popular CMS – pretty impressive hey? So why is it so popular? Let’s take a brief look:


WordPress is more than just a blogging platform. in fact one of the main reasons it powers over one third of websites on the internet is due to is flexibility and versatility to make different types of websites. From business landing pages to ecommerce shops; from social network sites to membership sites; WordPress is flexible enough to be adapted to meet every need and that’s why 50,000 WordPress.com websites are being launched daily.


With a range of themes and plugins available in the marketplace, WordPress makes it really easy for you to build any type of website without much technical knowledge. With thousands of themes and plugins available to purchase or download for free, designing your site and adding functionality to your site becomes pretty simple.


One of the best things about WordPress is its robust Content Management System (CMS) and is what drew me in. It’s honestly one of the most simple and easy to use platforms especially for tech newbies with a community of support on hand. As well as official support from WordPress with over 2,030,000+ topics on the official WordPress support forum, users have set up courses, webinars and blogs (like this one!) to share knowledge and skills making it easier for anyone to learn.


WordPress.org (self hosted) is a free open source platform which gives you complete control over your site while WordPress.com (hosted) also offers a free version as well as paid plans depending on your needs. The difference between the two will be discussed in depth in the next post but either way both offer the opportunity to build a free site – whats not to love about something that saves you the pennies!


WordPress is designed with safety and security in mind with security updates released frequently. To keep your site safe, ensure you keep your site update to ensure you’re not in the 61% of infected WordPress sites that are out of date.

Thanks to its standard compliance high-quality code, search engines love WordPress and as a result WordPress sites tend to rank more highly in search engines than others.

And there you have it just a few reasons why WordPress rocks!

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