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If you have had a nosy around my blog you will get a sense of my passion enthusiasm and determination to share my WordPress skills with other women so that I can inspire confidence in women to learn a new skill and start not only their tech journey but their journey into lifelong continuous professional development.

From as far back as I can remember I have always been eager to learn new skills and have enrolled on a number of courses ranging from Principles of Fundraising to Foundations of Project Management.  I’ve always looked for ways to develop my self further and been a firm believer that it’s never too late to learn a new skill.

Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.

Albert Einstein

Taking a 4 year career break was not going to be any different and once again I set about teaching myself my new found love of WordPress and delving in and out of code – a totally new language but something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

However my learning journey has come with its fair share of challenges.  As much as I’ve loved motherhood and I wouldn’t change it for the world, taking an extended career break has not been the best for my self confidence, especially when it comes to my career.

My career break came about as a result of voluntary redundancy which came at a time when I had returned to work after my first born having had my ‘flexible’ work request granted. While my hours had been halved,  in reality there was nothing ‘flexible’ about my new working arrangement as I found myself spending more and more time trying to tackle my ever increasing workload.  The hours might have been reduced on paper at my request but the workload remained the same so when I got home my little one was getting an exhausted version of mummy struggling to meet the demands of work and being a new mum.

I found the decision to take a career break a momentous one as while I felt such a huge burden lifted from my shoulder, I was also conscious that I was about to sacrifice my career and would have to start again from the bottom rung of the ladder on a lower salary – a prediction that sure enough came true when I returned to the world of work four years later.  However something had to give to ensure that my baby was getting the best version of me and so I decided to take a career break to give my young family my undivided attention.  

Like most mums on extended career breaks  I found that as time went on my confidence started to spiral downwards as I got more and more disconnected from the world of work, losing my professional identity to the role of motherhood.

I knew that the only way to keep my confidence from sinking was to immerse and engage myself in learning a new skill so that I have something else to focus on besides being mum.  Something that gives me a bit of time and breathing space for me and that may give me something to show when I do finally return to the world of work.

Little did I know that my new found interest in coding and WordPress web development would turn into a passion!

A passion that I want to share with other like minded women and hence why I’ve set up this blog.

Develop a passion for learning if you do you will never cease to grow.

Anthony J. D’Angelo

However it’s took me 9 years of dipping in and out of learning to finally have the confidence to utilise my new skills and knowledge.  Learning in isolation has meant that I’ve not had a peer support network to cheer me on or someone to share my ideas or thoughts with.    Additionally, growing up I’ve not been exposed to the great women in tech past or present and through my adult life I’ve not seen many women and certainly not mums who are rocking their WordPress skills or flying the flag for web development.  However I have the power to change that so that the next Mum or Woman learning a new tech skill doesn’t take 9 years to put her knowledge into practice.

As mothers we owe it not only to future generations but also to each other to keep learning and sharing our skills and adventures in tech so that we can inspire and empower confidence in the present and future generations.  

So come on ladies share your learning journey in the comments below so we can all be inspired and empowered.

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